Residents who live near an intersection where two people were struck and killed by an SUV on Christmas Eve are worried about the safety of other pedestrians who cross the busy roadway.

On December 24th, a man and a woman were crossing at John Laurie Boulevard and Hawkwood Drive N.W. at about 11:30 a.m. when a driver struck the pair.

Officials say the SUV was turning left when the crash occurred.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene while the man was taken to hospital but later died of his injuries.

A man who lives very close to the intersection told CTV Calgary he is worried about the safety of the crosswalk and is greatly concerned that something might happen to his children who regularly use it.

“Even before this incident happened, I tell her to be careful,” said Abdul Tuwati. “It’s a major street.”

Tuwati says he is sorry for the families affected by the fatal crash.

“We kind of got worried and scared, especially my kids, you know? They’re young and they’re crossing the road. I’m even thinking to move to another area that’s quieter and away from the traffic here.”

The identities of the victims haven’t been released and police have not said anything about charges against the driver in the incident.