The town of Okotoks is poised to bring in a bylaw that will be a first in Alberta.

On September 1, 2008, the town will ban smoking in cars if there are children in them.

This week town council will launch an ad campaign to create awareness about the bylaw.

A similar ban is already in effect throughout Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

In Okotoks, anyone caught smoking in a vehicle with kids could face a 2-hundred dollar fine.

Bylaw officers and the RCMP will be responsible for enforcing the rule.

But even town officials admit it will be tough by law to enforce.

Town official, Elyssa Berry, says they're hoping a series of radio and print ads will help make parents more aware of the dangers of smoking in the car.

"When they are little and in their car seats in the back seats they don't have the voice to say, 'Mommy, daddy, can you stop.' So it' just letting parents know that it is dangerous."

Information about the bylaw will be mailed to Okotoks residents with their utility bill.

Manitoba is considering a similar province-wide ban.