CALGARY -- As part of ongoing program to diversify Calgary's economy, the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund (OCIF) announced a $3.25 million investment Wednesday.

The money will be spread over three years to create applied data science internships and accelerate artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) in Calgary.

As the primary recipient of the funding, local software company AltaML has partnered with ATB Financial and Spartan Controls to deliver the paid internship program.

Paid interns will, in turn, learn to solve real-world industry problems using data and applied AI/ML, gaining skills for job readiness.

"This will help to build pathways for our current and future entrepreneurs," said mayor Naheed Nenshi at Wednesday's launch meeting.

"They will be the ones that disrupt, invent and transform to make change happen and allow people to live better lives."

The program is directed towards generating local AI/ML talent, as well as aiding local companies that seek to develop their own AI/ML assets.

Up to 240 individuals will have the opportunity to participate as paid interns. Those interested in applying are encouraged to follow AltaML’s social media accounts for updates.

The program is slated to begin Oct. 1.