Grade two students at St. Isabella School in the city’s southeast are learning about pollution and conservation and have launched a website to get the message out to Calgarians.

The kids are studying the Bow River and its ecosystem and have done a lot of work on the pollution and conservation of Calgary’s water supply.

“Some people don’t know that the Bow River is our drinking water,” said seven-year-old Eric.

They have been searching for the answers to tough questions like “Is the Bow River fit for life?” and “What does the Bow River mean to me?”

They are concerned that the river will be forever destroyed if Calgarians don’t stop adding pollutants to the city’s waterways.

“The Bow River means drinking water,” said Tyson.

“The Bow River means life,” said Koen.

The young conservationists were encouraged by their teacher Carli Molnar to send letters and pictures to CTV News to help get their message out.

“We have to save the Bow River for our kids and grandkids,” writes seven-year-old Ava.

“The Bow River is beautiful, but people waste water,” said Sam.

“When they leave garbage on the ground, when it rains or snows, the piece of garbage will get carried away into the storm drain and get into our drinking water,” writes Marisa.

They also have suggestions on how to decrease the amount of pollution and conserve water.

“It’s good to brush your teeth with a bit of water. That’s all you need,” suggests Reagan.

“Shorten your shower by a few minutes,” said Jacob.

“You can fix your leaky taps,” said Josh.

“Don’t forget to turn off your sprinkler,” said Mikialeigh.

The kids have also launched their own website to help spread the word and showcase their efforts.

For more information, visit the St. Isabella School Grade Two Class Water in Calgary website.