CALGARY -- So far this year cars have been broken into at Heart Creek on six separate occasions say RCMP. In the most recent incident four vehicles had windows smashed.

In 2019 there was just one incident.

“Right away i noticed there were four cars with their windows smashed out,” said Chris Booth,  a moderator for the Hike Alberta group on Facebook.

“Many of the cars had multiple windows smashed out in them.”

Among the victims was Natalie Shelby-James who was returning from her 6-year-old’s first overnight backpacking trip.

“Obviously not really the way you want to end a hike,” she said.

“There was glass all the way through my child’s booster seat. I had glass in another child seat as well.”

The thieves took out two windows and stole a single bag containing a bathing suit, a towel and her kid’s sandals.

Warnings are now posted at Heart Creek as well as three other locations with increased thefts: Yamnuska, Wasootch and Mt Baldy.