A pair of Olympic medallists held a special celebration at Canada Olympic Park on Saturday, marking the end of their successful careers.

Alex Gough and Sam Edney both took their last runs in Calgary during the event and say that it was a way to say ‘goodbye’ to their fans.

“It was really fun. There’s lots of emotions, lots of reflecting on where we’ve come from and where I’ve come from and the journey along the way,” said Gough. “It’s been such a great ride all the way along.”

Edney says that the day is also a great one to sit back and reflect on the success that they enjoyed together.

“I’m always going to remember qualifying for the Olympics. Each one of those Olympic Games, the four that I qualified for, were all extremely special. As well, racing at home here in Calgary I always had great results as well as a really great atmosphere.”

Gough was the first and only Canadian to win an Olympic medal in singles racing at the PyeongChang Winter Games.

Edney, Gough and their teammates Tristan Walker and Justin Smith also won silver in the team relay in South Korea.