A pair of pit bulls that were involved in an attack that seriously injured a woman in the southeast Calgary community of Applewood will be put down.

Bylaw officers at Calgary Animal Services are making preparations to euthanize the two dogs after the final appeal to Alberta’s highest court by the owner, Donna Tran, was denied.

Wendy Smith was severely injured when the pair of dogs attacked her as she was standing at the front door of a home in Applewood in April 2012.

She lost a portion of her nose in the attack and has undergone extensive reconstructive surgery to fix the damage down to her face and leg.

Smith says that the whole ordeal has affected her on both a physical and mental level. "I see someone that should be at the circus. I don't see myself as presentable to the public," says Smith. "I'm very self conscious of it. I don't like it. I wish I could just get rid of it, but I can't and I just hope my surgeons do the best for me."

This will be the third court to deny Tran’s appeal to save the two dogs.

She and her brother, who are facing charges in connection to a cocaine bust back in July, were fined $3,000 for the attack.

Tran is now also facing a $100,000 lawsuit in connection with the attack.