Sarah Palin picked Calgary to make her first public appearance in Canada since the presidential election, and those in attendance say she didn't disappoint.

More than a thousand Calgarians shelled out big bucks to hear her speak Saturday night.

Palin talked about energy policy, the environment, climate change, and of course, politics.

Palin played to a full house at the BMO Centre.

1200 people collectively shelled out nearly a quarter of million dollars to hear her talk about oil and gas, climate change, and big government.

Senator Pamela Wallin, a former journalist, moderated a short question and answer session. Wallin says if Palin wants to run for president, she's going to have to take a stand.

"It's hard to be the critic of your party and its voice and its persona, so I think her intention right now is to see her party, the Republican Party, get back on track," commented Wallin.

Wallin says it's clear Palin has learned a lot about big politics since the U.S. election.

Wallin says Palin also seems to know more about Canada than most American politicians.

Organizers of the event won't say how much Palin was paid for her appearance.