CALGARY -- After confirming the response to a senior's home was not serious, a Calgary paramedic finished mowing the 90-year-old man's yard.

Stuart Brideaux, an EMS public education officer, confirms the paramedic responded to a home in Fairview on Wednesday morning after a man's Lifeline — a health monitoring system — sent a notification.

Longtime paramedic Josh Nash arrived on scene and encountered a 90-year-old man mowing the lawn. After determining the man was the patient and not in medical distress,  Nash decided to give the man a break. He fired up the lawn mower and finished cutting the grass.

Brideaux says Josh's efforts were appreciated by the senior and our reflective of the commitment of EMS to the community.

According to Brideaux, EMS members have been known to help Calgarians with little tasks, including shoveling walks, when circumstances allow.

"We'd always rather come and find you well," he said. "We arrived to find there was no emergency, thankfully, and while we're here, if we can make your day better let's see what we can arrange."