An unknown person or group has gone out of their way to ensure Calgary Transit passengers are comfortable as they wait for the bus at a northeast stop.

For the last three weeks, a bus stop along 96 Ave. N.E., in the community of Harvest Hills, has been transformed into a makeshift living room with items ranging from furniture and books, to baked goods, flowers and a painting hung from the wall..

“I use this bus once a day as I’m volunteering at the film fest,” said Shari Blanchard, who lives in the neighbourhood, “Every time I come here there’s something new.”

Blanchard says she has been greeted by new items every morning.  

“Why yes there’s some change, there’s a barrel of monkeys and a novel from Dostoevsky at my bus stop,” laughs Blanchard. “That’s crazy!”

The unidentified exterior decorator has weatherproofed some of the items, wrapping them in plastic, to protect against the elements.