While the construction of the Peace Bridge is on budget, it may be the required landscaping and pathway projects that may tack on another $2M.

Despite the controversy surrounding the Peace Bridge, it has always been touted as a project that would come in on budget.

The projected budget for the red bridge that spans the Bow was set at $24.5 million.

Documents now show that an additional $2M may be added onto the bill.

Even though a fixed price contract is in place, the contractor may ask the city to share in the cost incurred during the 15-months of construction delays.

Landscaping also needs to be addressed and improvements to the greenery and pathway could tack up to $2 million more onto the budget.

Word of the projected budget overruns is not sitting well with some councillors.

"Not if I can help it. I didn't agree with it to begin with and I certainly don't want to be spending more money on something that was neither wanted or needed," said Ward 5 Councillor, Ray Jones.

The city says it may tap into leftover dollars from the East Village Bridge Design Contest to cover the cost overrun.

Some councillors are saying a forensic audit is in order if the project does go over budget.

The bridge is scheduled to open on March 24 after being delayed for over a year.

One of the biggest critics of the bridge on city council, Ray Jones, says the bridge just plain wasn't needed.

"Why did you build a bridge 200 metres from another pedestrian bridge, which is the reason I voted against it. That's what I thought – we have enough bridges from Centre St. to 10 St."

Ward 7 councillor Druh Farrell is a major supporter of the bridge, calling it an homage to a beautiful river. "With the Langevin, St. Patrick's Island, Centre St. bridge, this bridge, the Louise bridge - we have lighting programs for each of the bridges. Calgary will become known as the city of bridges."

Farrell said that she regrets the numerous delays to get the bridge open.