A seven-year-old child is recovering after he was hit by a vehicle while crossing the street after getting off a school bus and questions are now being raised about safety.

The boy was hit in the intersection of Kincora Glen Green and Kincora Glen Road N.W. at about 4:00 p.m. Thursday and was rushed to hospital in serious condition.

The child stepped off the bus and was trying to cross the road to meet a family member when he was hit by a sedan.

"The bus had the yellow flashing lights activated and within the city you are allowed to pass a school bus within the city," said CPS Sgt. Joerg Gottschling. "We suspect the gentle man driving the SAAB was within the law."

No charges will be laid and the boy is recovering in hospital but the incident has sparked a debate over whether buses in the city should be allowed to use their red flashing lights and stop signs to halt traffic.

A Calgary bylaw doesn't allow them to be activated in most areas of the city.

Hitesh Kakadiya’s son was hit by a car in the southwest community of Evergreen, in an incident very similar to what happened in Kincora on Thursday.

Last December, the11-year-old boy was crossing the street when he was hit by a car and Hitesh says he doesn’t understand why the flashing light and stop sign wasn’t used.

“If the other cars would have stopped 20 meters away then the kids would have been able to cross the road safely without any fear and this incident wouldn't have happened even the one that happened yesterday wouldn't have happened,” said Kakadiya.

The Kakadiya’s now pick up and drop their son off at his bus so they can make sure he is safe.

“If people would’ve obeyed the rules of those lights it would have helped because the driver would have stopped,” said CPS S/Sgt. Paul Stacey.

Calgary police say even though drivers don't have to stop they encourage everyone to be extra cautious when passing school buses because you just don't know if kids will run out.

Stacey says some members of the police department will be discussing the issue next week to see if further discussion is needed with the city.

(With files from Ina Sidhu)

To view the Calgary Traffic Bylaw, click HERE or view the document below.