A group, called Actions Speak Louder Calgary is petitioning to ban pet sales in stores.

The ASLC claims that the dogs and cats you see in cages in malls and other stores often come from questionable sources, like puppy mills.

The volunteer based campaign is concerned with animal welfare and the promotion of responsible pet ownership.

The group worries that the marketing of animals in stores leads to impulse purchases and therefore more animals being surrendered to shelters

"As it stands having pets available in retail environments indicates they are a product that can be purchased on a whim and that's not indicative of advocating responsible pet ownership," said Hailey Seidel from Actions Speak Louder Calgary.

The ASLC wants the city to adopt a by-law that will prohibit the advertisement and sale of companion animals on all public and commercial properties in Calgary.

They group says the purpose of the by-law is to:

  •  Eliminate a medium through which puppy mills sell their dogs and "kitten factories" sell their kittens

  •  It will help to prevent the impulse purchase of pets in pet stores and elsewhere

  •  It will allow rescue organizations and reputable breeders to fill the niche. Shelter adoptions will increase, and as a result euthanasia will decrease.

Petland is one of Calgary's largest pet store chains.

Store owner, Robert Church, calls the group well intentioned but misguided.

Church insists that his stores don't sell puppy mill dogs and he says his staff inspects and researches all of the breeders they buy from.

For more information on the Actions Speak Louder Calgary initiative visit their website.