Documents say a Calgary pharmacist accused of creating fake patients with the express purpose to pilfer drugs from the store where she worked has faced similar allegations before.

In October 2017, RCMP members were notified of suspected theft at the Safeway store after loss prevention officers discovered pills had been diverted away from the store. Following an examination of the pharmacy’s records, investigators discovered more than 33,000 pills had been stolen over a five-year period.

Leanne Rogalsky, 52, of Calgary, is alleged to be behind the incidents. She was charged on Wednesday with fraud, theft, drug trafficking and other contraventions of the  Narcotics Control Regulations.

However, this isn't the first time that Rogalsky has been investigated for creating fake customers to steal drugs.

In 2008, Rogalsky attended a hearing convened by the Alberta College of Pharmacists.

During those proceedings, it was alleged that while she was employed at a Shoppers Drug Mart store in Calgary until December 1, 2003, she created at least five false patient records and dispensed 39,733 tablets of narcotics using those profiles.

It was also believed that Rogalsky falsified inventory reports to hide the large number of missing drugs.

She left that position and took another job at a Pharmasave in Canmore in June 2004.

While in that position, she is alleged to have stolen 8,000 tablets of drugs..

The hearing was told that Rogalsky was caught on the Pharmasave's security camera taking pills from bottles and hiding them in her jacket pockets as well as stealing full bottles of Demerol. She was also witnessed by customers taking drugs and ingesting them while she worked.

Rogalsky was arrested and put on trial in December 2005 but there is no information on the outcome of that trial.

She was given a fine and a suspension from serving as a pharmacist as a result of the hearing.

She is now expected to appear in Okotoks Provincial Court on December 22, 2017 in regards to the latest allegations.

The Alberta College of Pharmacists' decision from the hearing is available below:

Rogalsky Decision - October 7, 2008 by CTV Calgary on Scribd