On Wednesday, it was post secondary students, and now Alberta’s pharmacists will take their turn at protesting cuts on the March budget.

They’re planning a rally against the government outside the McDougall Centre on Thursday morning.

Pharmacists are questioning the government’s new policy regarding generic drugs.

The government plans to reduce the cost of generic drugs from 35 to 18 percent.

They say under the new guidelines, they would make virtually no money and would struggle to stay afloat.

Alberta says it will wait one more month before instituting the new rules so pharmacists would be able to sell off their existing inventories.

They also say they are looking at temporarily increasing the fee it pays pharmacists every time they fill a prescription.

But pharmacists say the Redford government isn’t giving them enough time and that more consultation is needed before the change is made.

The protest in Calgary is just one of many planned demonstrations in the province.

They will meet at 11 a.m. at the Barclay Centre and then march to the McDougall Centre.

(With files from CTV Edmonton)