An afternoon plane crash, west of Calgary, sent the aircraft's lone occupant to Foothills Hospital in serious, potentially life threatening condition.

The single engine plane, a Storm S-280 two seater, crashed shortly after 3:00 p.m. near the access road to Calaway Park.

According to Fire Chief Dax Huba with the Rocky View Fire Department, the impact of the crash tore the aircraft's engine from the fuselage and mangled the body of the plane. Fire crews sprayed a retardant on the wreckage as a precautionary measure.

EMS transported the pilot, a 39-year-old man, to hospital in serious, potentially life threatening condition with multiple traumatic injuries.

Family have identified the pilot as Steve Kostamo and say he was on his way home to Prince George, B.C. at the time of the crash.

They say Kostamo has been flying and building planes since his 20s and flies all over for his work.

He is said to be undergoing surgery for his injuries at Foothills Hospital.

The vice-president of Calaway Park said the operator of the plane was an experienced pilot who was working at the amusement park as a contractor. He had been taking off and landing his plane in the Calaway Park parking lot throughout his time there.

A Transportation Safety Board investigation into the crash is underway.