Pilots are flocking to the City of Calgary to get experience flying one of the world’s most versatile planes, but they’re doing it without actually sitting in one.

The Twin Otter, built here in Calgary, is able to fly in a number of various conditions all over the world, making it the perfect plane for many different situations.

Pilots are lining up to take courses in the 19-passenger aircraft, but they’re actually going to be logging all their flight time in a sophisticated flight simulator, designed specifically for the Twin Otter.

“The airplane will move around on a platform and simulate flight so that the simulator will feel exactly as an airplane would,” says Kelly Chennells, simulator instructor with Pacific Sky Aviation.

The equipment is so lifelike that Transport Canada certified it for ground landings. That means that any trainee who passed the courses loaded inside the machine will be qualified to step right into the actual plane.

In the simulator, flights are seamlessly translated and every kind of issue that might occur could happen.

The next step for technicians is to get the simulator certified for water landings. They say it's the only one capable of recreating those conditions in the world.

They hope to secure that approval within the next few months.

(With files from Brad MacLeod)