The owner of a pt bull who attacked and seriously injured a seven-year-old boy in his home west of Calgary last week has been charged and fined.

The dog belongs to Tyler LeClaire’s older sister’s boyfriend and remains at Calgary Animal Services when an assessment will be done on it and a decision on its future will be made.

LeClaire was attacked inside his Cochrane home on January 12.

Witnesses to the attack say that the boy was sitting on the floor playing a game when the animal attacked him, latching onto his face.

Tyler’s aunt, Tanya Batycki, wants to have the dog euthanized because that wasn’t the first time that the dog was involved in an attack.

“We want to make sure that the dog is euthanized because it’s not the first time that it’s attacked. It’s attacked a couple other times.”

Tyler was admitted to hospital after the attack and has since undergone reconstructive surgery to repair the damage done to his face.

His family expects him to remain in hospital for quite a while.

The 18 year old owner of the dog has been charged $450 and has been summoned to appear in court in Cochrane for a bylaw violation.

The dog will be assessed this week.