A number of high-profile pancake breakfasts took place Saturday.

For the second time, Prime Minister Stephen Harper took in the Braeside Community Association Stampede Breakfast.

With security and bodyguards close by, the PM spent an hour flipping pancakes and talking with constituents.

Across town at Stampede Park, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was serving up eggs to people attending that Stampede breakfast.

But the biggest pancake breakfast happened at Chinook Centre where the 50th annual Stampede breakfast took place there.

60,000 people took in the bash fueled by 6,000 litres of coffee and 2,000 kilograms of sausage served up by 400 volunteers.

The breakfast raised more than $15,000 for the Alberta Children's Hospital.

The PM will be going to another Stampede function Saturday evening when he attends the annual Calgary Southwest Stampede BBQ at Heritage Park.