Calgary police say that one man has been arrested after a long pursuit through the city early Thursday involving the HAWCS helicopter.

The incident began at 2:30 a.m., when police attempted to pull over a truck that was driving in the downtown core with its headlights off.

The driver refused to comply and fled from police at a high rate of speed.

Officers then called for assistance from the HAWCS helicopter for the pursuit, which followed the truck to Dover.

There, the suspects abandoned the truck and got into another vehicle.

That vehicle then sped off, reaching speeds of up to 170 km/h as it headed back towards the downtown, ramming two police cars in the process.

No officers were hurt, but the fleeing vehicle made it back to Dover, dropping off a number of suspects who fled in another vehicle.

A short time later, the fleeing car then struck a curb in the attempted escape from police, wrecking one of the wheels and disabling it.

The suspect then fled on foot, still under surveillance by HAWCS, through several backyards.

The suspect then attempted to hide, but the K9 unit and other police officers were able to move in and arrest him.

The other vehicle was tracked down about an hour and a half later.

Police are still looking for several suspects in connection with the incident because HAWCS could only follow one vehicle at the time.

Charges are pending against the suspect in custody, who has not been identified.

Investigators are still working to find out the motive behind the incident.