Calgary police had a busy day on Thursday, as the city got just enough snow to make the roads slick and slippery, contributing to over 100 crashes in the past 24 hours.

While the snow has stopped, the roads have been cleared by city crews. However, those crews are still out working to clear up the icy conditions.

Since Thursday morning police have been called to 155 accidents, with the large majority of those being non-injury.

A lot of those vehicles involved spinning out and slipping into the ditches alongside the major routes of Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail in Calgary.

A handful of crashes did need the assistance of EMS, including one on Sarcee Trail just off Bow Trail in the afternoon.

The people involved in that crash were checked out by paramedics, and treated at the scene.

While it is winter in Calgary, we can’t be surprised at the adverse conditions. But with all the good weather we enjoyed in December, it’s been difficult for people to adjust to.

“I’ve seen people slow down for sure,” said one driver. “No one passed me and I was 10 km under the speed limit.”

There are still some delays to be expected on Friday’s commute and we could still see a flurry before the day is out.

The weather is looking up for the weekend.

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