Two teenagers find themselves the target of social media scorn and discipline from their school board over their clothing selection while attending a weekend party.

The dress code for the birthday party required guests to dress entirely in white attire. The two teenage boys, who attend St. Francis High School, took the ‘all white’ request to an extreme by wearing pillowcases over their heads. The pillow cases were mistaken for KKK hoods.

Photos from the party circulated amongst St. Francis students via the social media platforms of Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook and outrage over the alleged inappropriate costumes was swift.

“It's not something to say a joke about,” said Sarah Ghebrezghi, a former St. Francis student. “It’s not something to dress up as, even talking about it in a non-serious matter is not even appropriate in any way.”

Grade 12 student Abby Cornelius says her school has rallied against the suspected intolerance.

“The amount of people that were offended at our school, it made me happy that it wasn't just the black people at our school that were like oh some white kid did this, it was literally every race,” said Cornelius.

Despite the fact the party occurred at a site outside of St. Francis High School property, officials with the Calgary Catholic School District say the boys have been disciplined because of the negative impact their actions had on the school community. The school board would not disclose the extent or nature of the disciplinary action.

According to Cornelius, one of the boys has issued an apology for his actions via text message. In the message, the teen stated he would not be attending classes for the next few days.

Calgary police launched an investigation into the incident and determined the boys placed pillowcases over their heads in an attempt to wear more white clothing to the party and not to resemble KKK members.