Calgary police have taken down a sophisticated, stage-three grow operation at a residence in the northeast.

Officers executed a warrant at a residence in the 200 block of Whiteview Bay N.E. and discovered a marijuana grow operation with over 330 plants.

Police say the street value of the pot is about $420,000.

Investigators also seized a significant amount of growing equipment.

No suspects were in the residence at the time but police say charges are pending.

Calgary police are reminding the public that grow operations pose a danger to the community and there is an increase risk of criminal activity and a higher risk of fire or explosion.

Police are urging Calgarians to be vigilant for any signs of a grow operation in their neighbourhood.

Possible warning signs include:

  • Excessive humidity / sweating on the exterior of the house
  • No snow on the roof when the rest of the neighbourhood does
  • Vondensation on windows
  • Excessive moisture at the foundation
  • Minimal exterior upkeep (gardening, mowed lawns, or snow removal)
  • Coming and going at odd hours and only staying for a few hours
  • Lights on timers
  • Presence of heavy deodorizers
  • Loud exhaust fans or the presence of unusual venting
  • A strong “skunky” odour emanating from residence
  • No garbage put out on designated collection days
  • Guard dogs
  • Multiple security or ‘keep out’ signs

If you believe there is an illegal grow operation in your community, call the Calgary Police Service Drug Tip Line at 1-403-206-8100.