A Calgary police dog that bit a young boy over the weekend was two months into its training and the animal's handler has been with the Canine Unit for three months, police said Monday.

The boy, who is the son of the dog’s handler, was at home Saturday afternoon when he was bitten. Both the dog and handler were off duty at the time.

The handler was in the backyard of his home, grooming the animal, when the boy approached them on the deck and was bitten. The child was taken to hospital with serious injuries but has since been released.

The police dog in training was taken to the Calgary Police Service kennels.

Speaking to the policy of handlers taking their dogs home, CPS Inspector Nancy Farmer said it is an industry standard.

"Keeping them at a kennel 24-7 when they are not being operational and on their off-time is actually more detrimental an animal, and it’s really about the psychology of that."

Farmer confirmed police are still investigating the exact circumstances of the incident, but noted K-9 unit policies are always under review. "Are there things we can improve upon? It’s always worth an honest look."

Police have launched a full investigation into the incident and a separate investigation, through Calgary Community Standards, is also underway.

According to CPS officials, the service currently employs 22 dogs.