A low murder rate for 2011 in Calgary meant that police had more time to focus on closing the book on the many unsolved murders in the city.

Calgary had only 11 murders in 2011, and in comparison to Edmonton's 47 murders, it's a much smaller workload for investigators.

The extra effort on the older cases is renewing hope for many families, including Darlene and Doug Meyers.

Meyers' daughter Brenda was killed six years ago in the basement of a northwest restaurant she worked at for 20 years.

"The hardest part - I see someone the back of someone and it looks just like her or I'll talk to somebody and their name will be Brenda," Darlene says.

Police say Brenda was slain with an edged weapon and the killer then attempted to burn the whole building down to conceal evidence of the murder.

They now say that they've identified a person of interest in the crime and are using new DNA technology to help crack the case.

So, even after the restaurant where the murder happened has been torn down and replaced with a new condo development, there is still hope in solving the crime.

The Brenda Meyers murder investigation is one of several unsolved and cold case files on the books in Calgary.

Staff Sgt. Doug Andrus of the homicide unit says they're looking at evidence they may have overlooked or witnesses that could stand to be re-interviewed. "We're trying to find certain evidence that we can revisit to assist us in moving the investigation forward."

Doug Meyers still holds out hope that his daughter's killer will be found. "I hope someday, someone with a conscience, will come forward and maybe we can get this resolved."

Calgary police say there are 80 unsolved and cold case homicides in the city dating back to 1917.