Calgary Police are currently investigating reports of shots being fired late Sunday night in the northeast.

At about 11 p.m., they say a group of people were told to leave a business in the 1400 block of 52 Street N.E.

They say the group made their way back to the area and shot out the front window of the business. The suspects then fled the scene.

Two people were hurt in the incident. A man was actually hit by gunfire and a woman was hit by the glass from the broken window.

Emergency officials say the injuries are non-life-threatening.

Staff at Mr. Schnapp's Pub in Marlborough Park says the incident took them by surprise.

"It was pretty intense from what I could see," said Chef Dan Laderoute. "I couldn't really see from the camera angle out here, but you could see a guy go down and you could see puffs of smoke. Yeah, it's pretty crazy."

Police are looking for witnesses and clues to lead them to the shooters.

No arrests have been made.