A northwest school was locked down on Friday morning after someone reportedly spotted a gun.

Police were called to Foundation for the Future Charter Academy, on MacKay Road N.W., at about 10:00 a.m.

Authorities did not allow anyone in or out of the school while the threat was being assessed and a command post was set up a few blocks away.

One person said they saw someone with a gun and officials weren't taking any chances.

Parents were sent an email to alert them to a security issue at the school.

This email is to provide you notification that our high school campus is currently in a lock-down. ALL OF OUR STUDENTS AND STAFF ON SITE ARE SAFE. There is NOT an active incidence of violence at the high school. The lockdown is a PROACTIVE measure in response to information received about a potential risk. Our staff and students have prepared for these types of situations and are working with the Calgary Police Service on-site to address this situation as quickly as possible.

We know that situations like this can be scary for parents. We want to emphasize again that there is NOT an active incidence of violence at the high school campus. All of our students are safe.

Police lifted the lockdown just before noon.