Calgary Police are now investigating a shooting in the southeast after a man stumbled into a restaurant in Midnapore with a gunshot wound.

They say that at around 10 p.m. on Wedneday night, a man walked into the Olive Grove restaurant at the Midnapore Mall and then collapsed.

He was found to have been shot.

The victim was rushed to hospital and police say he will recover from his injury.

K-9 and HAWCS searched the neighbourhood and that quickly led officers to a home a few blocks away on Midpark Way. S.E.

There is no information on whether or not the man was shot inside or outside the home.

Police say they are questioning two people inside the home and all three, including the victim, are known to them.

However, the two witnesses are not considered to be suspects at this time.

Early reports say it was not a random shooting.

Neighbours in the area say they did hear what sounded like firecrackers and they are suprised that anything like this could happen in their neighbourhood.

The investigation continues.