According to police, the Medical Examiner's office has confirmed a 43-year-old man who died in his home in July of last year had taken ecstasy laced with PMMA.

Police say an investigation is underway into another possible PMMA related death but they are not providing any details as they await autopsy results.

Demand for the drug is dropping as police say the public is becoming more informed about the dangers of ecstasy.

Police are also talking about a new campaign to get even more information out about the ongoing ecstasy investigations.

Plans are being made to use social media networking.

School resource officers are constantly updated about drugs and street cops are getting special bulletins.

Staff Sergeant Frank Cattoni is urging parents to discuss the dangers of drugs with their children at a young age.

"If we are waiting until they are in to their mid or late teens, that message has come and gone," says Cattoni.