The government has issued a ban on all open fires, including campfires at campgrounds, in southern Alberta because of continued hot and dry weather in the region.

The Calgary Forest Area is under an extreme risk of wildfire.

Two wildfires are under control and over 100 firefighters are working around the clock using several helicopters and heavy equipment to make sure it stays that way.

The fire ban extends south of Highway 532 along the Foothills to the northern boundary of Waterton Lakes National Park near the U.S. border.        

“Check the website for any fire safety advisories, fire bans. Again with the dry conditions be extra careful with any external fire source, any external flame and again we’re still seeing fires start as a result of the improper disposal of smoking materials,” says Carol Henke the Public Information Officer with the Calgary Fire Department.

The ban builds on the same area announced last week.

Under the ban, all fire permits are suspended and no new ones will be issued.

"Especially in hot dry, windy conditions fire can spread extremely quickly and it really can put everyone in the immediate area at risk so taking extreme caution with any outdoor flame and making sure you're prepared with the appropriate information for the area you are visiting," says Henke.

Gas or propane stoves, barbecues and portable propane fireplaces are still allowed.

The City of Calgary is not under a fire ban but other municipalities, provincial and national parks may issue restrictions or bans.

The Calgary Fire Department is constantly monitoring conditions and will ensure those are posted on

If you are found to be violating a fire ban, you could be subject to a $287 fine and could be responsible for the costs of fighting a fire.

For more information, consult the Alberta Fire Ban website.