Mail service resumed in Calgary and across Canada on Tuesday as carriers and postal workers returned to work.

Brad Kriwokon is one of 500 postal workers who are back on the job in Calgary after nearly a month of labour unrest.

Kriwokon was greeted by loyal customers on his regular route in the southeast community of Dover.

Millions of pieces of mail have piled up and Kriwoken's carrier bag is heavier than normal.

He says he doesn't mind and that everybody is happy to be back to work. "There's a few misgivings about a few things but everybody is happy to be back at work."

Customers of the popular postie are also happy to see him.

"He's like clockwork and we look at the clock to make sure we're on time too. He's the one who brought my pension cheques here last week too, made a special trip," said customers, James and Correen Teague.

The Canada Post labour dispute began as a series of rotating strikes which escalated into a lockout by Canada Post.

The Federal government ordered them back to work after a marathon debate in parliament over the weekend.