A group of jokers decided to make things a bit foamier at one park in downtown Calgary on Friday morning.

The city says that someone dumped four club-sized bottles of dish soap into the fountain at Century Gardens Park at 8 Street and 8 Avenue S.W.

At once, the water began to foam up with towers of the soapy suds, at some points reaching above the street lamps in the park.

The bubble towers were a popular sight for many people who stopped to take pictures of the incident.

City crews had to break down the bubbles at the park, using a special product to clear them out of the water.

Officials say, despite the mess, no damage was done.

“It’s more kids having fun,” said Edward Balcerzak with the City of Calgary. “It doesn’t really do any damage to the pumps or the water.”

Balcerzak says clearing out the foam isn’t a problem for him, but the workers at Calgary’s head office manning the 311 mobile app have a tougher time.

“There’s a young lady in the office who says she’s worked through about 18 to 20 calls through the app. Everyone has a camera, lots of people have the app. It gets out there pretty fast.”

He says incidents like this happen about three or four times a season.