Premier Jason Kenney addressed the Senate transportation committee vote against controversial Bill C-48 on Thursday afternoon.

The Oil Tanker Moratorium Act, Bill C-48, was defeated by a vote of 6-6 on Wednesday at the meeting of the Senate Committee of Transportation and Communications.

"The senate energy committee has heard the concerns of Alberta's government and is fundamentally rewriting the bill to reflect the need for investor certainty," said Kenney.

All five Conservative Senators voted against Bill C-48, then Independent Senator Paula Simons, from Alberta, made the deciding vote.

"It really slammed the door in the face of Alberta's energy production and of the Alberta people," she said.

"Because it said, in conjunction with the failure thus far to approve (the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion), Alberta could not export any of its oil through British Columbia. And to me, that's not a tenable argument in a nation that relies on a confederation of provinces."

If passed, Bill C-48 would prohibit oil tanker traffic along the coast of B.C., between the tip of Vancouver Island and Alaska.

A detailed report outlining the committee’s recommendation will now be sent to the Senate.

The Senate transportation committee is meeting again Thursday to discuss Bill C-69, which proposes changes to the way major infrastructure projects are approved.

Critics argue if Bill C-69 is passed in its current form, it would make building pipelines effectively impossible.