Premier Rachel Notley spoke to industry leaders at Calgary's Global Petroleum Show on Wednesday and said that her government is committed to ensuring that the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion gets built despite political opposition in B.C.

Notley says Alberta is on its way to economic recovery and that the province should lead the country in growth this year.

She says new pipelines are needed to access other buyers outside the United States and that her government has no time for conversations about shutting down the oilsands.

“I have very little time for any conversation that seeks to shut down or significantly limit our oilsands, very little,” she said.

Notley says the twinning of the Trans Mountain Pipeline will happen despite the incoming B.C. government’s pledge to block it and that the prime minister assured her of that during a conversation earlier this month.

“I was pleased to have a conversation with the prime minister, just last Friday, where he once again assured me that the federal government is completely committed to moving forward with the pipeline. They believe that it is the right decision. It’s the right decision for Canada’s economy. It’s the right decision for Alberta. It’s the right decision for B.C. And so we look forward to moving forward with that,” she said.

Ottawa approved the $6-billion dollar Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion in November 2016.