CALGARY -- A convoy of vehicles part of a worldwide protest against public health restrictions drove from Edmonton to Calgary Saturday.

The group began the trip around 8 a.m. in and made stops in Red Deer and Airdrie throughout the day.

After arriving in Calgary, they joined the Walk for Freedom group gathered at Prince’s Island Park.

“We, as people in Alberta, have been awakened to all the stifling of our freedoms, so we come together,” said Ginny Bruneau, a protestor at the rally in Calgary.

The protesters believe that their civil liberties and constitutional rights have been taken away during the pandemic.

“Ever since this coronavirus hit, the narrative was that we need to find a cure,” said Bruneau.

“Then all of a sudden they’re slowly taking our rights away by saying, ‘Ok you can’t do this, you can’t do that, you have to stand six feet apart from one another, you have to wear a mask,’ and some places are getting right violent if you don’t wear a mask. That’s not right.

“As a free citizen of Canada, I believe that every person has the right to make their own choices of their body.”

The rally in Calgary was just one of many taking place all over the world Saturday. Protesters did not appear to be wearing masks during the event.

Calgary police officers were at the rally but no arrests were made and no tickets were handed out.