Some trans-gender people awaiting surgery are considering legal action against the province.

On Tuesday, the province announced it would no longer fund gender reassignment surgery.

The government claims it will continue to fund surgeries approved before March 31st but some patients are getting a different story.

Prior to Tuesday's budget announcement, Mercedes Allen was scheduled for an August surgery.

Allen says she was told her procedure is now cancelled. "What we are hearing when we are inquiring is that 'no, everything is effective immediately.' There is still some confusion that needs to be clarified," says Allen.

CTV News contacted Alberta Health to clarify the confusion.

At this point, health officials aren't able to say why patients approved for surgery are being told their surgeries are cancelled but they are looking into the issue.

At least 12 Albertans are planning to take their cause to the courts.

"There is a group of us looking to file a class-action lawsuit and I am in the process of figuring out the paperwork for a human rights complaint," says Gryphon.

The Ontario government went through a similar battle.

In 1998, that province stopped funding gender reassignment operations. But a series of human rights complaints prompted the province to reinstate its funding for the surgeries.