Officials with Alberta Health and Wellness are trying to confirm if there are any cases of listeriosis in the province connected to the latest outbreak.

Alberta health officials tell CTV Calgary that listeriosis cases aren't unusual in the province and the bacteria can be picked up a number of different ways including through meat products, dairy, and produce.

A second person is confirmed to have died from the deadly bacterial in Waterloo, Ontario. The victim is described as an elderly woman.

The first person to die from the bacteria was also from Ontario. She was also an elderly woman and lived in Hamilton.

There are currently 17 confirmed cases of the bacteria in four Canadian provinces.

Cases have turned up in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

The Public Health Agency of Canada is still trying to confirm the cases are connected to the recall of 23 products manufactured at a Maple Leaf plant in Toronto.

For more information about the investigation and the recall, click on the web links attached to this story or call 1-800-442-2342.