The government has taken over the water supply system in a neighbourhood in Rocky View County.

The fight over water in Sharp Hill has been dragging on for more than a year and now the province says it is taking charge.

The privately owned facility has been given numerous chances to meet government standards in order for the operators to stay in business.

East Airdrie Waterworks had its license expire last year and it was given an extension but that also expired and there was no effort made by the operator to renew it.

The province says there have also been a number of non-compliance issues but won't get into the details.

The plant provides water services to roughly 30 homes in the area.

Residents say they've had water problems before and some have been stockpiling water in tanks in their garages.

Sheriffs cut the locks on the plant and officials from the Alberta Utilities Commission took control on Friday afternoon.

They say that they expect to have the system up and running again soon.