For Deborah Domin, quilting is more than just a social activity.  The Calgary resident is doing her part to bring comfort to the sick, elderly and unfortunate.

“I have friends that have different things; cancer, Huntington’s, lupus, M.S.,” explains Deborah.  “I can't give financially but I can give a quilt.”

Kim Wedgerfield of the Huntington’s Society has Huntington's disease and says Deborah is far too modest.  Wedgerfield says she was aware of Deborah's generosity even before she got involved in quilting.

“Deb's always been so giving, so caring, so involved in anything that needs to be done,” says Wedgerfield.  “She'll make dinners for one of us who are sick. She'll do anything for us.”

“When she started quilting she was so generous with her donations to people.”

The quilts are given to individuals and to organizations that use them for fundraising purposes.  Inn from the Cold is provided with a number of quilts, as the organization is near and dear to Deborah’s heart.

“I do the Inn because at one time my family was homeless when I was a child.”

Deborah donates quilts to Inn from the Cold but also extends an invitation to its clients.

“Every third Sunday I do a workshop here in the studio where they can come, anybody can come, they just have to book, and we teach you how to quilt.”

Kim Wedgerfield says there's a reason Deborah's quilts provide more than warmth.

“You know that it's done out of love, out of care, just out of compassion,” says Wedgerfield.  “Deb's just full of that and that just comes out in all of her quilts.”

Deborah's largest donation of quilts took place in May of 2011 for victims of the devastating Slave Lake fire.  Deborah supplied 200 quilts for children.

Domin’s next project aims to bring exposure to prostate cancer research.  She's planning a quilt decorated with silk ties and is looking for ones in good condition that guys are no longer wearing.

For the comfort she brings to so many, Deborah Domin is this week's Inspiring Albertan.

“Quilts are for hugs,” says Deborah.  “They're for comfort.”