The finalist in a controversial contest to wed two strangers together appeared on the CTV News at Noon this week.

The unnamed bride-to-be says she loves entertaining friends, decorating her home, and listening to Tracy Chapman and old school dance music.

She is looking for a husband who is intelligent, confident, who loves family and isn't arrogant.

Disguised to protect her identity until her wedding day, the woman called simply "Monday's Bride" spoke to CTV's Ian White.

She described the rigorous screening process which included a blood test, psychological testing, criminal background check, credit check, and a lie detector test.

Not everyone thinks the experiment is a great idea. Critics include some marriage counsellors and religious officials.

Once the couple is chosen, they will have four weeks to get to know each other.

They will come face-to-face for the first time on their wedding day on October 30, 2008.