CALGARY -- There’s still instability in Alberta, but it’s moving north and beyond our purview.

That stacked low, which generated the wettest June 30th in recorded history for the city (just shy of 30 mm of rain), has moved north, taking the rain with it, but not 100 per cent of the instability, as you’ll see in the five-day outlook below.

Early this morning, Environment Canada lifted all rainfall warnings as that same system moves onward and northward at its core, with moisture cycling over the BC interior to a tune that could involve isolated pockets of 50-70 mm.

As this entire band works north, we see a wave of southwesterly air taking over, which, at its worst, brings in gust speeds of 40-50 km/h in the coming days. Based on direction, that injects a good pile of heat our way, which could serve to undersell our highs in the coming days, and also acts to limit cloud cover. We have sunnier straits ahead for a few, before another shortwave passes by on Sunday.

Here’s the forecast:


  • Partly cloudy, clearing as the day rolls along
  • Daytime high: 20°
  • Wind: SW 20g40 km/h
  • Tonight: clear, low 10°


  • Mainly sunny, breezy again
  • Daytime high: 22°
  • Evening: mainly cloudy, low 9°


  • Mainly sunny
  • Daytime high: 21°
  • Evening: clear, low 10°


  • Partly cloudy, late-day chance of thundershowers
  • Daytime high: 21°
  • Evening: storm risk, low 10°


  • Partly cloudy, late-day chance of thundershowers
  • Daytime high: 22°
  • Evening: storm risk, low 10°

Yesterday saw its fair share of funnel cloud advisories, and a few were spotted in our province. As of now, no reports of active tornadoes developed. Gary caught sight of this funnel near Keona, Alberta. Reports came in of more funnels near Beiseker.
funnel cloud, Keona, July 1, Canada Day

Pauline sent this amazing photo from Silver Springs of a rainshower…
Calgary weather, Calgary forecast, Bowmont,

…and in spite of any conditions we could have had, it was still a great day for celebration! Thanks for sending this one, Peter!
Canada Day, 2020, Photo of the Day, Calgary

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