A traffic check stop near CrossIron Mills on Saturday resulted in 87 child car seat infraction tickets being issued in a five hour period.

Four members of the Airdrie Integrated Traffic Unit conducted safety seat inspections at a location along Dwight McLellan Trail, east of CrossIron Mills.

The most serious violations included car seats not strapped to the vehicle, children under 18 kg (40 lbs) not seated in safety seats or seated in chairs inappropriate for their weight, and children not properly buckled.

“We need parents to understand that they cannot simply toss a child seat in the back of their vehicle and expect it to do its job,” said Sheriff Jason Graw of the Airdrie Integrated Traffic Unit. “The child seat needs to be installed properly and the child needs to be properly secured in the seat in order for the child safety seat to work effectively. Parents should consult the instructions that come with their child seat, and also their vehicle owner’s manual in order to ensure that they are using their child seat properly.”

Sheriff Graw adds that during a crash, vehicle occupants of all ages are 50 per cent less likely to be injured if they are properly restrained.