A southern Alberta company is gaining international exposure for its elaborate and imaginative playhouse designs and the family-based business has now become the focus of a new reality show.

Tyson and Audy Leavitt are creating the most elaborate, over-the-top playhouses in all of North America and have made everything from pirate ships to 50s diners in their family-run shop in Lethbridge.

Their company, Charmed Playhouses, makes playhouses, treehouses and dog houses to order and they are attracting interest from all over the world.

“We've been getting requests from Italy, from Germany, from London, Australia, It's crazy what's happened since people have heard what we're doing and how far and wide it has spread,” said Tyson Leavitt.

The Leavitt’s little creations have also caught the attention of the producers at TLC and a television crew is in Lethbridge recording episodes for the network’s new reality show called ‘Project Playhouse’.

The shop’s employees are excited about the series but say the hectic shooting schedule and tight deadlines can be challenging.

“We've got production teams and we’ve got flights and hotels and schedules for the people that we’re delivering to so it's such a web of different things that we have to be managing,” said Tyson.

“It’s real but it’s still, feels like a dream,” said Jeremy Gook.

“I’m just being myself, which is fine, and I like goofing off with these other guys and they kind of bring it out in me too so it’s fun,” said Derral Zaugg.

The show’s producers say it makes for fun, imaginative and entertaining TV.

“I think, you know, from what I've seen I think we'll have some happy endings, because I can't see anyone that wouldn't be happy to have this at their house and you know the look on the kids’ faces and the families and I think that will resonate with a lot of people,” said TJ Shanks, Supervising Producer.

The company is just over a year old and the increased exposure is forcing them to expand so they will be doubling their shop space and hiring more carpenters soon.

The TLC crew will take about 13 weeks to record footage for the show and will produce eight episodes for the new series.

For more information on Charmed Playhouses, click HERE.

(With files from Terry Vogt)