CALGARY -- The jackpot for Tuesday's Lotto Max draw will be a record-breaking $70 million.

And an estimated 47 Maxmillions prizes will also be available, bringing the total prize pool to $117 million.

Previous record jackpots across the prairie region include:

  • Alberta: $65 million – October 2019 (Calgary);
  • Saskatchewan: $60 million – August 2016 (Neville);
  • Manitoba: $60 million – January 2021 (Winnipeg);
  • Northwest Territories: $55 million – June 2020 (Yellowknife), and
  • Yukon: $25 million – November 2013 (Faro).

To put $70 million in perspective, the most expensive home sold in Calgary last year was $3.8 million (according to the Calgary Real Estate Board), meaning you could buy it 18 times over.

And with a median price of $478,000, the winner could buy home in Calgary for themselves, and 145 of their friends and family members. In Edmonton, with an average price of $465,000, the winner could buy a home for themselves and 149 of their friends and family members.

Tickets are available until 8:30 p.m. MT on June 8 and can be purchased at lottery retailers, or online at, and