CALGARY -- The City of Calgary has rolled back a project that turned a section of Memorial Drive into a space designated for cyclists, runners, walkers, e-scooter riders and others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The two eastbound lanes of the road had been closed to traffic from a spot just east of the Louise Bridge (10th Street N.W.) to just west of the Reconciliation Bridge (Fourth Street N.E.) since late March. To accommodate the traffic closure, one of the westbound lanes of Memorial Drive was temporarily converted to eastbound.

The move was originally made to ensure recreational users had sufficient space to observe physical distancing guidelines.

"Opening a portion of Memorial Drive to people of all ages for walking, biking and scooting, was a creative solution that was quickly introduced near the beginning of the pandemic," said Ward 7 Coun. Druh Farrell in a statement to CTV News. "It allowed Calgarians to maintain a safe physical distance while enjoying the outdoors.

"I have heard overwhelmingly positive reaction from Calgarians about the summertime changes, sharing the road for active use and pop-up patios. It showed us we can look at existing infrastructure differently and adapt quickly when needed."

The traffic barriers restricting motorized vehicles from accessing the two eastbound lanes will return on weekends.

"Calgarians walking, biking, and scooting can still enjoy Memorial on the weekends," added Farrell.