A couple in Red Deer got the scare of their life when they found what they believe to be a black widow spider while they were washing grapes they’d bought from the supermarket.

Normand Blais and Claudine Leger found a tiny black spider in a bag of red grapes they bought from the Superstore in Red Deer on Wednesday night.

Now the species of spider hasn’t been confirmed by an expert, but it does have a red ‘hourglass’ marking on the belly.

Blais said he didn’t notice it at all until they were rinsing the grapes.

“When I got to the kitchen and put it on the counter top, it was there and it was black. I said ‘oh my god’, this is a black widow,” he said. “She said, ‘what is that?’ It’s a killer spider – it can kill you right off.”

They are keeping the spider in an old coffee jar and are hoping that they can give it to an expert to identify.

Superstore gave the couple a $20 gift card as compensation.