The premier has made good on her campaign promise to inject millions of dollars back into education.

Newly elected Premier, Alison Redford announced that her government will reinstate $107 million in education cuts.

Redford addressed the media on Wednesday afternoon, just hours after she appointed her new cabinet.

"This is part of what a new government looks like. This is a government that is listening to Albertans. Listening to Alberta families and talking about the values that matter to Albertans," said Redford.

During her campaign, Redford made a commitment to restore the education funding within ten days of being sworn in. She was named the 14th Premier of Alberta just five days ago.

The cuts to education have been hugely controversial.

Teachers and school boards across the province say the cuts increased classroom sizes and are the main reason that hundreds of teachers lost their jobs.

The new Education Minister, Thomas Lukaszuk, says the reinstated money comes with expectations.

"We will be expecting a palpable improvement within the classroom structures and the classroom environment so that it will be noticeable and not only to teachers but most importantly to students and their parents," said Lukaszuk.

The Treasury Board will now have to figure out where the money will come from.