Ann Ten Pierik was a teen in Holland when Canadian Soldiers liberated her town, and she gives back now by volunteering at the Military Museums.

She tells visitors about her experience of living through the Nazi occupation and the relief when the Canadians arrived.

"They started around suppertime and the part of town where I lived  we were liberated around midnight and at sunup my younger brother and I, we went across the bridge and we met our first Canadians." she said.

Her family emigrated to Canada a few years after liberation.

The manager of the Military Museums, Doug Stinson, says Ann’s perspective is unique and valuable.

“She tells us about the winter, or the hunger winter where they had no food and the Canadians came and provided food drops and everything.” he said.  “So when we do the school programs with the children here that first-hand experience is just irreplaceable.”

For all she does to help Canadians appreciate what our forces did for the Dutch people, Ann Ten Pierik is our Remembrance Day Inspired Albertan.