Passengers aboard an American Airlines flight that was forced to land in Calgary on Thursday after experiencing two emergencies were back in the air on Friday morning.

Flight AA263 from Dallas to Beijing was rerouted to Alberta due to a medical emergency and mechanical issue.

The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner was diverted to Edmonton and was then redirected to Calgary so it could land on the airport’s long parallel runway.

The plane landed safely at YYC and passengers spent the night in Calgary.

"I was a little nervous, because they kept talking about, oh, we’re having some issue and I was like what issue keeps you from landing a plane and then they starting letting out jet fuel and that was impressive, there was this giant billowy cloud by the engines,” said passenger Josh Parish.

"You look on the monitor seeing the plane going round and round and round in circles and it was like what’s going on with this,” said passenger Robert Bales.

“There was a medical situation that arose,” passenger Timothy Zhang told CTV Calgary after clearing customs at the Calgary International Airport. “The captain asked if there were any medical personnel on board to assist and volunteer. There were a couple of doctors and nurses who went and talked with this elderly lady. She was experiencing chest pain and had difficulty breathing. They got her on some oxygen and got her legs elevated and, based on their recommendation, the captain decided to divert the plane.”

Calgary EMS says it attended to the ill passenger but no one was taken to hospital.

Another plane was sent from Dallas to continue the flight and a crew was also dispatched to fix the Dreamliner.

The passengers departed Calgary at about 7:00 a.m. and are expected to arrive in Beijing on Saturday morning.