Alberta Transportation, which released a report on distracted driving numbers in the province on Thursday, says that men are charged more often for the offence than women.

The numbers, recorded from April 2014 to March 2015, show that more than 27,000 drivers were caught and charged with distracted driving.

Of those numbers, more than half were men and the conviction rate showed a further gender gap – nearly double that of female drivers.

The report also found that drivers aged 35 to 44 were the greatest offenders.

Albertans say that there are female traits that could help explain the difference in the figures.

“I think because women can multi-task better,” says one woman. “We know how to hide it.”

A male driver says that women are general safer behind the wheel than men.

Now, as of January 1, the penalties associated with distracted driving have changed.

The fine is $287 plus three demerit points, which can add up to the point where you could lose your licence.

For more information on Alberta’s distracted driving legislation, visit the Government of Alberta’s website.